About Barepelt

Hello, and welcome to Barepelt.

I founded Barepelt as a firefighter, competitive sporting clays shooter and functional fitness advocate. I've always looked for ways to move and perform better at all three. I realized very quickly that clay target shooters are also athletes in every sense of the word: They must swing a shotgun for several hours at a time, at 50 different pairs or more in varying temperatures and elements, while operating at peak mental performance. This makes them an athlete whether they like it or not, and is where Barepelt fits into the sport.

Choosing the right gear to put all of this together is also the key to getting to the podium – and staying up there. Barepelt’s mission was to design, develop and deliver shooting vests and apparel that move with the athlete and allows them to operate at peak performance while out on the course. Our vests and apparel are expertly cut, sewn and Made in the USA with highly breathable, moisture-wicking, stretch fabrics. Our vests are designed with minimal, flat seams that don’t rub or catch on your clothing. The entire vest stretches and moves with you, creating a perfect fit. In fact, you will barely notice that you are wearing a vest at all, hence the Barepelt namesake. The athlete is now able to function at their best, anytime they are practicing and competing, while realizing a comfort and fit never felt before in their vest.

Now that you’re able to move like an athlete, it’s time to look like one. Barepelt vests and apparel have been aesthetically designed to be your personal uniform while out on the course. We want you to feel proud to be out there competing, while proudly showing off your own brand – in addition to those brands that you’re already loyal to. Barepelt allows for customization of vests and apparel that are based on numerous designs, with the option of adding your name, own logos and or other brands.

We don’t do expensive embroidery on our vests that result in excessive stitching-rub and fraying. Rather, we dye-sublimate our vests so that your name, logos and designs look crisp and clear, shoot-after-shoot. Furthermore, our vests are entirely machine washable, so that you can wash your Barepelt vest as many times as you want. Just because you look like an athlete doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to smell like one.

We know you’ll look and feel great out there in your Barepelt vest and apparel, and remember, it’s not just your vest, it’s your new uniform.

Erich Roden

Founder, Barepelt