Kryptek Wraith BPP (Barepelt Pouch)

Kryptek Wraith BPP (Barepelt Pouch)

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Introducing the Barepelt Pouch (BPP)

The BPP is a completely new approach to the shell bag or pouch option for clay target shooters and hunters. As with our vests, the BPP allows you to design and personalize each pouch with your name and or available patterns and logos; just because you don’t wear a vest doesn’t mean you won't have a uniform look option with the new BPP! The BPP was designed based on the Barepelt principle of functional, lightweight performance and complete freedom of movement with a “barely there” feel. The pouch can be worn individually or as a pair, anywhere on your waist. Each pouch weighs approximately 2.5 ounces and the complete system with two pouches and the Grip6 belt with our custom Barepelt buckle weighs in at approximately 8oz! The system will change the way you shoot in a pouch and the Grip6 belt won’t sag or stretch; the system stays exactly where you want it so you can focus on shooting. The system can also be worn with the pouches in the same position as the pockets found on your Barepelt vest, which makes this a great option for those shooting in cooler climates while wearing multiple layers of clothing.


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